Raining Streets at night.

It’s coming up to that time of year, the rain season.

Rain, I don’t mind much, it’s the heat that I absolutely hate. Whoever that invented the air conditioner, give him the Nobel Prize!

I was browsing on the internet and came across the above gif, one rainy street in an Asian city; memories of my trips in Asia came flooding back, spending times alone and with friends. I question myself this, are friends truly your friends? When do you find that one person you want to spend time together with? And where?

Some of you may have heard of my relationship to one person, we were introduced by a work colleague several years ago and we have been chatting and having lunches/dinners over the years until 2018, the day after my birthday when they asked to take it up the next step. I thought it was the right path, seeing myself with them for years to come, taking them to visit the parents and vice versa.

And that is when the cracks started appearing.

Times when they began to order me around, times when they haphazardly respond to you, times when they ignore you. I figured it was just that they were busy, so paid no heed and continue to support when necessary.

That made it worse.

To the point, they tell me to quit my job and to follow them wherever they are, to tell me my parents aren’t worthwhile to give a little present to, to tell me that I don’t pay attention to them, to the point of them saying and arguing at me on trips.

My life began to break apart, colleagues noticed how I became quiet and retreated into my shell, friends concerned with my wellbeing and said it wasn’t healthy.

That’s when I will remember the last message I gave them.

My parents are the ones who gave life to me. To tell me that I should spend zero time with them and to ignore them to fully pay attention to you is like trying to kill one bit of my life. I believe that we are already on separate paths, and our paths may never cross again.


How did that rant go to this? Who knows, I just want that someone out there to smile and maybe that one person that I have not yet found, that our paths will cross?


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