Respect the Culture

So floating through the Internet one day, I came across a British TV show that seems to be showing a three part series of a “baker” going to Japan to infuse in the food cultures.

It. Was. Cringeworthy.

Coming into a land of where there are there are every food you can imagine under the sun and hearing the presenter saying :

When I was a trainee baker, they advertised for jobs in Japan but I didn’t apply because I didn’t think they ate bread.


I’ve never been to Japan before. I mean why would I? I’m a baker. It’s all about rice and noodles, isn’t it?

Double Facepalm…

Then going to a Michelin star restaurant to have a bowl of ramen, where I admit the only country where you can afford a $10USD Michelin star bowl of ramen, I mean where can you get Michelin star food that cheap? And then offering the chef the British version of a Pot Noodle… cringe…

That face from the chef…

That was a sight to remember in the show! Though its obvious what happens I would not spoil it!

Man when he went to have a traditional kaiseki dinner, it makes me want to go back! After dinner and soaking in the hot springs. Ah this is life. Wait a minute I am Fuz, I can float over there now!

Though, most of it was cringeworthy (that etiquette!), there were some interesting bits like:

some utterly bizzarre…

I am intrigued to find how it ends in the 3rd part tonight!

But please don’t mock other people and cultures, you’re there to learn how they lived to an old age, how they survived disasters, how they move forward!


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