Fuz-O-Sphere #002 – Asahi Kanzaki

It has been a while since I posted a site that has caught my eye, but moving back to the realms of Second Life ( a post that I have yet to write about ), there was a photographer that has caught my eye over the use of action, clothing, styles and most importantly the feels.

You can see from the above image of how he has taken the background and objects and made a story just from one image. Aspiring many photographers and also his taste of clothing was great. Perfect for someone like me who has rarely gotten any taste in clothing or even when I had to upgrade my avatar into Bento (a new form of mesh for Avatars in Second Life).

Or even a school corridor, one wonders the story behind it but fear not as there’s either a blogpost or even a clothing list (though I wish he did for every post as one wonders where he find some great stuff!) under each photo he has!

One thing I wish he added are photo locations so that each of us can, “step into the photo”. But he’s one photographer that really deserves all the likes and love!

Check out Asahi Kanzaki Photo Stream here!


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