A Vacation through your fingertips

So today, being deprived from going on a holiday, I figured, why don’t I boot up Second Life once more and take a trip there instead? Booting up the PC to get back onto Second Life, which I haven’t done for a month since life has been busy in so many ways…

What is Second Life you may ask? Simply to say I would consider it as a chat program meets virtual reality (without the headset) meets social space. You get to see friends and new places to explore all from the comfort of your computer.

Now we have that put away, the next question is where and what to do? With the whole of Second Life at your fingertips, just hitting the Destination Guide and closing your eyes, randomly click on a place and hit on the button “Teleport”

And this is where it brings me to the first place that immediately transported me out of my home to this new world.

House amongst the flowers
House amongst the flowers

As you settle in the living room, listening to the water features and the faintest meows as the cats play amongst the stairs.

Step Cats
Playing on the stairs

Tilting your head to the side you can see the shiba inu mother watching over her puppy as it attempts to learn patience with a wooden scarecrow. Imaginations can run wild as you wonder what the puppy is thinking…

Puppy Patience
Puppy Patience

Having soaked in with the ambience, you can see more areas such as a small area as you step through the mysterious kitsune forest and as if you are stepping through many years into the future (or past depending when you are reading this), to a desolate town with wandering deer, reminding me of what the deer in Nara, Japan are experiencing too.

Deering Town
Food hunting.

And as you turn the corner, you smile as umbrellas are being held together, quietly fluttering in the sky as you step into a market style street.

Floating Umbrellas

This is one of the many places, you can visit in Second Life and hopefully as I continue to regain my love of visiting new places and sharing with you here!

Visit Kintsugi; Spirited Beyond in Second Life by clicking here!


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