Mopire Away!

So it has definitely been a busy week for me, with work and you should have seen the the smile on my face when my weekend starts! Hopping straight onto the first “virtual” train and its time to go exploring!

But first, I need a ticket first so…

Ticketing Hall

Ticket in hand dropping off to the platform to wait for the train, this area is so well built that it will transports you to as if you are really there in Japan (perfect for people like me that are missing travelling!).

Now arriving to Mopire, feeling a bit peckish you come out of the station, off hunting for some food before you bump into two guys who takes you for some Chinese food…

Stepping into a Chinese Restaurant

Though are they yakuza’s, no-one will ever know…

A meeting between men and a subordinate?

Nodding and smiling, I made my way next door for some good old fashion sushi where never in my wildest dreams you see hedgehogs getting drunk over sake and eating sushi…

Dining with Hedgehogs

…or even going for a quick snack of meat skewers you can ever so quietly hear them “Quick, get the skewers going! I need more plates!”

Hurry, hand him plates!

Stomach filled, it’s time to wander around the city, where you come across a shrine where you offer prayers of good luck and peace (as well as hoping everyone gets to travel more in the near future).

Shrine in the middle of the city

You also come across a Lawson-lookalike convenience store which has the similar snacks as one gets when you get peckish for your next trip!

The Crossroads

There are plenty of places to visit and enjoy on the Mopire sim, new storylines one can develop, or even a place to sit in and relax while being cooped up at home so definitely put aside some time to come over! Especially the sakura trees as you wander down by the river and even have a picnic!

Whereas for me, it’s time for me to hop in the car and drive off to my next destination to explore!

Back on the road

Visit SSOC Mopire Sim in Second Life by clicking here!


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