A Final Fantasy in Tokyo?

The rainy season is upon us once again, plus the sweltering heat of summer, you would be forgiven that you would not want to step out into the bright sunshine waiting to get burnt or even worse, melted in the heat!

Nighttime photography seems to be perfect in capturing stills of what ones own city is like in any weather but this photo (above) came onto one of my random Twitter feeds one day and the first thought that popped up was:

Final Fantasy VII?

It sure looks like similar-ish! And how a lot of Japanese Games seems to get its inspiration from night photography as well! As well as thinking that by the time you get to the top of the Tokyo Skytree, will you meet the final boss for the final showdown?

Plus, I’m sure you can pose for some cool shots for that futuristic, city vibe like Cyberpunk 2077!

Photos by Junya Watanabe. Check out his Instagram!


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